I am always down for a vacation…even if it’s with my parents. Isn’t this how most unmarried women in their 30s travel? No? I’m kidding, but truthfully I enjoy traveling with my family. I get to spend quality time with them and don’t have to open my wallet for anything. You can’t beat that with a stick. So I decided to use my unused vacation time and join my parents on their 11 Night Ultimate Caribbean Cruise.

I’m an avid cruiser and have been on at least 6 cruises between Royal Caribbean and Carnival. I have heard about the the legendary Celebrity cruise line. It’s supposed to be the top tier of cruise lines. And I have to say that it is true. The ship is very nice with modern decor. The Equinox ship is a fairly new ship. I believe it was built in 2009. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. Although I’m not a foody, the food is very good. I’m not used to eating three square meals a day. Eating can really get exhausting. I feel like a stuffed turkey. I have had to bow out from joining my parents at several meals because I just can’t eat another bite.

If you are looking for a young happening ship, the Celebrity Equinox ain’t it. Not to sound crass but I have dubbed it the ‘geriatric cruise’. Aside from the babies, I think I’m the youngest passenger on the ship. Let’s just say I have been on livelier ships and never have had to navigate through so many walkers and scooters. But I’m not even mad. I hope when I get to their age I will be able to retire and travel.

I will admit that eleven nights is a long time to be with my parents cooped up in a small cabin. Lordy! What did I sign up for? I will keep you posted on how the trip goes. But in the mean time, here are some pictures I have captured so far from Day 1.