Winter storm Juno has me stranded in NYC for a few days. I was supposed to leave out tomorrow but my flight has been cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday. I will keep my fingers crossed. But honestly, the East Coast really overreacts to snow. Snow was not a big deal growing up in Michigan. I’m used to it. And New Yorkers should be used to it too, they get the same amount of snow. The only difference is that they don’t have the protocols put in place to handle snow. When there is an impending snow storm in Michigan, the salt trucks are waiting on the side of the road for that first snowflake. And then they go into action. The snow that I’m experiencing in NYC right now is cake. I’m sitting here tonight watching the news and chuckling to myself because the entire broadcast is about #Snowpocalypse2015.

I braved the snow a little earlier today and left my hotel to run around the city for a bit. The snow was coming down but the weather was pretty nice. It wasn’t cold. I kept it casual with my Sole Society boots that I had altered to fit my athletic calves, Forever 21 denim, Anne Klein coat and a vintage Coach crossbody.



Stay warm!