I hope you enjoyed my Italian vacation recap. It was a lot of fun. It looks like I may be going again in 2016. *fingers crossed* On the way back from Italy I stayed a few days in NYC to catch up with friends and get a much needed trim from Dickey at Hair Rules. I’ve written about him before here and here. I would bounce between him and another stylist while I was living in New York City. But nobody can cut and shape my hair like Dickey. He’s the one that did my big chop many years ago and it grew out wonderfully. Needless to say, I am totally feeling myself now that my natural hair has been cut by Dickey. I love the new shape.

Natural hair cut by Dickey at Hair Rules Salon.
Back view of my new Hair Rules cut.

Have you ever been to the Hair Rules Salon in NYC? Have you ever tried Hair Rules products?