As I mentioned before, there are some really cool things to do in Detroit. Please don’t believe the media hype. Detroit is not all dilapidated buildings, abandoned houses and packs of dogs walking the street. There are some really fun family friendly things to do here. The other night I went to the annual Light Up the RiverFront event hosted by Rivière28, an auxiliary group within the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy.  The event took place at  William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor.   I grew up in metro Detroit and never new this park existed. I’ve been on the riverfront but never past Heart Plaza. Who knew we had a lighthouse right in the heart of Detroit?

Milliken State Park Lighthouse
The lighthouse at Milliken State Park

At Light Up the Riverfront (#LUTR15), we got to eat BBQ catered by Slows Bar-B-Q, roast s’mores by the bon fire, and listen to a great DJ. They played all of my hustle songs like the Wobble, but I was playing too cool to dance. Shame on me.

It was great to network, meet new people and learn about what’s coming next for Detroit. So much is happening and I’m excited to be here on the cusp of it. I picked a great time to move back. Check out Rivière28 if you live in the Detroit area and help support the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy.