I swear it takes me a million years and a day to write a recap for my travel excursions. The writing part is actually not the hard part. It’s the editing of the photos that causes the back log. I take so many photos that choosing the right ones are a process. I don’t want my posts to be too pic heavy so I just have to be selective.

Well I’ve finally had a chance to edit my pictures from my fabulous trip to Iceland. Next to Alaska, this was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen to date. I think I’m turning into a girl who loves nature and majestic backdrops. Who would have thought? Even though it was cold as a mother father in Iceland I still had fun.

At the beginning of the year a new airline, WOW Air, announced that they were offering flights from the USA to Reykjavik for hella cheap. You know me, act now and ask questions later, so I booked a ticket. Most times if the flight is cheap, I just book it. That’s how I’ve ended up in some really cool places lately, like my trip to Italy. As I mentioned before, I’m not a planner but I strike when the iron is hot. Besides, Iceland was actually on my travel list for a while after seeing some cool pictures from a friend’s visit there last year.

WOW air is a happy Icelandic low-cost airline that flies to Iceland from a number of European cities the whole year round and started flying to North America this year. The airline was founded in November 2011 and its inaugural flight was to Paris on May 31st 2012. WOW air is committed to providing the cheapest flights to and from Iceland, but doing so with a smile and providing a memorable service all the way.

It was my first time flying Wow Air. It’s a fairly new airline so the planes are all newly built planes. WOW air operates the Airbus A321. The airline crew were dressed impeccable. Think Pan-Am Air circa 1960s. Their outfits were so cute that I had to sneak a picture. I should have just asked and I’m sure they would have been more than willing. WOW Air has got this branding thing down. Their colors are yellow and purple. And it’s well represented everywhere. They are the Ikea of the airline industry.

WOW Air flight crew.
WOW Air flight crew.

WOW Air flight attendant uniforms.
WOW Air uniforms is reminiscent of Pan-Am.
I will say that although the fare of the ticket was very inexpensive, bag check and food will run you a pretty penny. Hi, Spirit! Note that WOW Air is an Icelandic airline that only takes credit cards and Krona. Don’t come on the plane with a debit card and US cash looking to eat or drink because you will leave hungry and your feelings hurt. They don’t give you water either. That’s à la carte. There is no such thing as tap water. You will have to purchase bottled water.

I paid about $100 to check my bags. WOW only allows you one bag to carry on. And that carry-on can’t be any larger than a purse or a backpack. They check so don’t try any funny business. My backpack ended up being overweight with my camera stuff, laptop and purse. Lucky for me the guy at the ticket counter was cool and let me take out my purse and laptop so it didn’t count as my weight. My checked luggage was under the allotted weight so I packed my laptop and carried my purse on the return flight. WOW Air was trying to charge me an additional $40 to carry on my back pack because it was over the weight limit. I’m so glad the guy at the ticket counter was so accomodating because I needed all my little money. #ballinonabudget

The interior of WOW Airline plane.
What it looked like inside the WOW plane.
The flight was fine. A few bumps from turbulence but nothing terrifying. It was a five hour flight out of Baltimore. I slept most of the way, but woke up towards the end to watch a movie. WOW had a great selection of free movies to watch. The airplane was nice. WOW Air really paid attention to detail and branding when they designed their planes. The carpet even had embroidered logos.

Reykjavík Airport
Reykjavík Airport

Reykjavík Airport
WOW Air service desk.

Bathrooms at Reykjavík Airport.
The bathrooms were very clean at Reykjavík Airport.
We arrived in Iceland from Baltimore to Reykjavik airport at 5am. Let’s just say my people were deep at the airport. Our plane wasn’t ‘Soul Plane‘ but we were well represented. It was #TravelNoire all up in that piece. Reykjavik airport must have been designed by a Swedish firm because it looked like Ikea with the wooden floors, funky bathrooms and modern signage. I’m going to need LaGuardia Airport to send someone to that airport to take some notes. It was so clean. They offered free wifi and some cool places to shop and eat. What a nice airport to have a layover in.

Iceland currency Krona.
Making it rain with Krona.
Although I prefer free food, drinks and bag check, I will definitely fly WOW Airlines again. I really enjoyed my experience.