Follow through is one of the best ways to establish trustworthiness and build credibility. It’s especially important in business. Lack of follow through can damage your personal brand and your leadership will be questioned. Do what you say you are going to do.

Truth be told, I suck at follow through. I will start a project and never finish. Like that time I started making mosaic frames to sell. I only made one for my mom. Or the time I wanted to sew ponchos. I bought a whole bunch of expensive fabric and didn’t make one damn poncho. I have a hard time finishing things. I get sidetracked and move onto another project. And then onto the next. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces. Or my love affair with sleeping. Could it be a side effect of being creative? Who knows? But what I do know is that I need to be better at it. Granted, shit happens and there will be instances where you won’t be able to follow through on a commitment. It’s how you handle it that’s important.

I bought a new planner to keep me on track and focused on this journey. I bought stickers for it too! Lawd, please don’t make me turn into one of those crazy planner ladies. Remember when scrapbooking was a thing? Now it’s all about planners and I’m here for it.

Fashion to Figure Black and White Jumpsuit Plus Size
Jumpsuits make getting dressed easy.
How to wear a jumpsuit.
Wearing: Fashion to Figure Nora Utility Jumpsuit (similar) | Yellow Crossbody Handbag from Florence, Italy | Steve Madden Madelyn Platform Sandals
Last week I made a commitment to myself to blog everyday. I started the week out great with a post on Sunday. Yay! But now it’s Tuesday. No, it’s technically 12:30am on Wednesday and I haven’t written anything until now. To be honest, the writing part is easy. I love it. It’s the editing of the photos that take a while. I have a crappy computer that freezes sometimes when I use Photoshop and I get so frustrated that I shut it down. But enough with the excuses. I will commit myself to posting four days a week. Let’s face it, every single damn day is NOT going to happen. While it’s good to know your strengths, you are more self aware when you know your weaknesses. And mine is lack of follow through. But I’m working on it! Lady of Leisure 17 Month Planner Lady of Leisure 17 Month Planner
My new planner is so cute. It’s perfect because it’s a 17 month planner and it starts in August. I didn’t have to wait until January to purchase or start one mid-year. I bought it because not only did I like the floral print, but the name of it is ‘Lady of Leisure’. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you know I often use a #LadyofLeisureLife hashtag. Which speaks to my life right now. I have my own business and work from home. Therefore, I create my own work schedule. I’m in love with this lifestyle. I work harder than I did at any job, but it’s so worth it to be able to command my own schedule.

Also, my 7 year old niece, Sydney, took these pictures. My nieces have been my blog photographers the whole summer. Now they are back home and I miss them already.