To say the least. I was sitting under my hair steamer reading blogs and realized I haven’t blogged myself for a long time. What can I say? I can insert an excuse here but I won’t. I’ve just been living life. I’ve been working really hard on my business so that has taken precedence over anything and everything. I’ve been working for someone since I was 15 and now it’s time for me to work for myself. It’s a lot of hard work but I’m enjoying the flexibility.

Everything else in my life is pretty much the same.  I’m down from two tennis lessons a week to one. I’m hoping I can incorporate more lessons again. If I could play tennis everyday, I would. It’s my favorite sport aside from skiing and the best exercise.

I’m still single although someone slid in my DMs a few months m ago. Of course I don’t check my messages so I found out weeks later. Nice guy. Not my cup of tea. I honestly think I’m going to stay single. And I’m totally ok with it.

I’ve been going out once a week.   This was something I promised to do in a previous blog post. And although I haven’t been posting about it much – except on Instagram and Snapchat – I’ve been sticking to it. Below are a few pics from my recent outings.

Black girl at hackerspace OmniCorpDetroit.
Eastern Market After Dark
I almost adopted this cute doggy. Still on a search for my furry friend.
I almost adopted this cute doggy. Still on a search for my furry friend.
Eloquii Gingham Wrap Dress. Y
What I wore to my mother’s sorority fashion show. Eloquii Gingham Wrap Dress & yellow Sole Society pumps (similar) .
Asos Missguided Plus Border Print Swing Dress
On my way to the post office to send out packages to customers. Wearing Asos Missguided Plus Border Print Swing Dress.
Black people in new Detroit.
Hanging out with my friend downtown Detroit.
How to wear a ballroom skirt.
Ready to hit the town. I bought the skirt at the fashion show I mentioned above. Deep v-neck t-shirt is from Amazon. I needed one in a hurry and Amazon Prime delivered.