As anyone with tig ol bitties like myself knows, finding a good fitting bra is hard to find. A bra that gives you more than 8 hours of wear. One that support you big boobies. And one that is stylish and makes you feel sexy. I honestly believe in my next life I’m going to be a lingerie designer.

Until then, I have to let you in on a great intimates store I found in Harlem. Lady Love is the name and it’s a small family run business with sales people who can tell your size just by looking at you. Yelpers have given it very good reviews too.

I was mentioning to my friend (who also has big breastesses) earlier about how I bought a really cute off the shoulder dress that required a strapless bra. Now normally I wouldn’t worry about it and go braless. Yes, I know. Look, I’m not a fan of bras. If I can get away without wearing one, I do. Even research has shown that bras lead to saggy breast. Ok…I digress.

The dress I wanted to wear would not allow me to go braless with out having my nipples on full display. So I desperately needed a strapless bra. My friend suggested Lady Love in Harlem.

Harlem? You mean all this time going to other lingerie boutiques or ordering online there was one right in my ‘hood? How did I not know about this? The following day I made my way to 125th street in search of Lady Love.

Now let’s be clear, this place isn’t posh. I would have walked right by it had it not been my destination. The outside is set up just like any old mom and pop shop on 125th with a huge window in the front.

I walked into a store that probably hasn’t been remodeled since…well…ever. But I wasn’t going to let that deter me. My focus was on finding a strapless bra. Since everyone raved about the customer service on Yelp, I didn’t even bother to walk around and look. I walked right up to counter and told the salesperson what I needed. She asked me my size and brought me out a strapless bra. Only one. That fit perfect.

While the shop is a little shabby, the merchandise runs from low to high end. I liked their eclectic selection of lingerie, sleepwear, stockings and other unmentionables. The staff was very helpful, often tag teaming to satisfy the customer. If you have an unusual size like me and can’t shop for bras at places like Victoria Secrets, then go see Lady Love. They have EVERY size. From teens to grandmothers – they have you covered.