Now that I’m back in Michigan, I’ve taken it upon myself to help my parents unload some of the stuff that they have accumulated over the years and don’t need anymore onto eBay. My dad is the person that buys 2 or 3 when there is a sale and never ends up using that item. And my mother, being a sharp dresser, loves clothes. Her clothes are very expensive, stylish and she takes very good care of them. Can I just say listing items on eBay is a fulltime job? It’s very tedious. You have to take pictures, measure clothing, figure out SEO and more. Since I have started, I’ve gotten up to listing about 5 items a day, but I want to list at least 20.  I’m happy to report that items have been selling. When someone bids on an eBay item, the app gives you a cash register sound ring tone. “Cha-Ching!” I love that sound.

I’ve put together 5 tips that have helped me as a beginner to listing on eBay.


Beginner’s Guide to Listing on eBay


This is the most important part of your eBay listing. The title is used for search results. Take the time to use the right keywords when listing and bidders will come.  Use only words or phrases that legitimately pertain to your item. Don’t spam. Use words or phrases potential buyers might type in as search words or phrases such as:  the manufacturer, item type, size, and color. Keywords like old, sexy and vintage will draw potential bidders as well. There are only 55 characters allowed in title, so choose your words wisely. Don’t use words like “look”, “beautiful”, or “incredible” in your title.


Since the buyer can’t pick up your item and look at, you need to provide the next best thing with pictures. Take pictures from the front and back of the item so buyers can get an overview. Then take a few key close up shots paying special attention to any high wear or damaged parts. Put yourself in place of the buyer, and ask yourself what photos would you want to see?


Here is your chance to talk up your item to potential buyers. It pays to take an extra few minutes to do a thorough description of your item. You want to be honest and describe the condition, what it is made of, brand name, dimensions and possibly the reason you are selling it. Be honest and note any damage or any other unique features. Always assume the buyer doesn’t know anything about the item.


Be mindful about what it costs to list and sell.  Stay away from $10.00 as a start price because it costs more than $9.99 in listing fees.  The same is true of any other even number such as $25, $50, or $200.  A $9.99 price point is perceived to be much cheaper than $10.00.


Before listing an item, check if any others are currently listed or just sold. If there are too many out there, you may want to wait a while. If the one just sold with several bidders and there aren’t any others, you can try a buy it now at the same price to get one of the losing bidders to buy yours right away.


Check out my listings in my eBay store. I will be listing new items daily.

Have your ever listed items on eBay? Feel free to list your tips below.